We are specialized in a unique enriched individualized curriculum for children to flourish in life.

Summer Programs

Summer School – preschool and elementary program

Summer should be a time for fun and creating memories with our friends that last a lifetime. We work hard to foster these special times that can be reflected on with true fondness.

Our popular Summer School is an opportunity for children to have fun and learn in a more casual and entertaining environment. Our Summer School is the ideal place for your child to enjoy their summer while sustaining a consistent academic base to carry throughout the school year.

We offer a wide variety of activities to enrich and inspire. including baking, science, and creative summer arts and crafts. Our summer program attendees also enjoy special guests like scientists, magicians, veterinarians, cultural performers, and much more!

Our program is wide-ranging, but some sample themes and activities are:

Preschool summer camp
  • Growing In My Garden
  • Creative Movement
  • Water Play
  • Our Big World
  • Nautical Sailors
  • Circus Tent
  • Down On The Farm
  • Space Camp
  • My Pretty Pony
Elementary summer camp
  • Drama
  • Cooking
  • Science Workshops
  • Splashpad Fun
  • Talent Show
  • Dance
  • Hands-on Music Classes
  • Gardening
  • Sports
  • Art
  • Field Trips (optional)